Fraud Alert: Genetic Testing Scam

Protect yourself against scammers after your Medicare information! A new scam identified by the Office of Inspector General is currently happening across the country. Most of us have been interested, at some point, in the genetic tests offered on the market right now that tell us about our Ancestral DNA. This new technology is fascinating and insightful in helping us understand who we are and where our many ancestors came from. Knowing this, several fraudsters are soliciting free cheek swab DNA tests to senior citizens in an attempt to collect and steal their Medicare information. Read this article to educate yourself on how they are targeting individuals and how to best protect yourself from falling victim to their scam.


Can we add a link on our page for employees to log in to our payroll portal and one for logging into our health benefit portal? I was thinking on the bottom area somewhere where it is somewhat inconspicuous and out of the way.

Maybe “Employee Links” with one being called “Payroll Portal” and the other “PeopleKeep Portal” Here is the link to each



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