Emergency Rules 59AER20-5 & 59AER20-4 – Mandatory Testing for Nursing Home and ALF Staff and Vendors

AHCA and the State of Florida implemented emergency rule 59AER20-5 and 59AER20-4 July 7th requiring all nursing home and assisted living facility staff (including vendors that enter the building) to be tested for Covid-19 every two weeks. This measure was put into place in an effort to slow, and hopefully prevent, the spread of the coronavirus to facilities with high-risk populations. Portable Medical Diagnostics has taken this rule a step further and is testing all mobile x-ray and mobile ultrasound technologists weekly. This is in order to better serve our customers and protect our patients. Some exemptions are given in the rule for individuals that have already contracted and recovered from the coronavirus.

Click the link to access the rule in its entirety:

AHCA Rule 59AER20-5 Mandatory Testing for Nursing Home Staff